About Us

TheClub Global was established to provide a comprehensive, professional approach to elite matchmaking.

Angy Torres, TheClub Global’s president, is a former Miss Houston USA and has worked at five of the top ten modeling agencies in the world. Via this background, as well as her connections in the community, she has gotten to know and befriend some of the most beautiful women and most successful men in the world. Angy's study of human psychology, along with her extensive contacts, has made her a very successful connector of people, providing a natural and effective platform for finding true life partners for the members of TheClub Global.

To ensure the ideal match, we carefully define the characteristics you are seeking in a mate via our proprietary “Must-Have” screening methodology — then cross-reference this against our extensive database of the world’s most attractive women (beautiful on the inside as well as the outside) and most successful and interesting men. TheClub Global is dedicated to finding you the sort of life partner you have always been looking for — and clearly deserve.

With our laser-like focus on client satisfaction, we strive to make the matchmaking process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Through thoroughly prescreening all potential matches to select only those with an “ideal fit” — we are able to both save you valuable time and maximize your opportunity to find the sort of woman with whom you can establish a meaningful, long-term romantic relationship.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional and confidential matchmaking worldwide based on exclusive access to the finest singles in the world. We aim to connect like-minded, radiant and well-rounded individuals. Our process is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and desires producing an essential component of life — thriving, balanced meaningful relationships.

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of Nature.” ~ Scientist Michael Farraday.

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