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TheClub Global’s matchmaking process is unparalleled by combining a number of unique features: a highly analytical screening process; unique access to the world’s most desirable matches; and a dedicated focus on client satisfaction.


We ensure the detailed “wants and needs” of all potential clients are clearly identified, reflecting our proprietary “Have to Have” screening methodology — carefully identifying all of the “Must-Have” in a potential mate — to ensure the best and most efficient matchmaking process.


TheClub Global’s senior executives and Brand Ambassadors include models who have worked at several of the top 10 modeling agencies in the world, and through their contacts (as well as their extensive involvement in their communities) have access to many of the world’s most desirable women — who are then further screened to select only those who are beautiful on the inside — as well as the outside. Similarly, through our extensive contacts in the business, financial, and entertainment worlds, the men in our universe are equally sought after, coming primarily from the top levels of their respective fields. Utilizing our proprietary, elite database, we then cross-match based on the most critical relationship characteristics identified — leading to highly qualified matches of incomparable quality.


At TheClub Global our #1 priority is Client Satisfaction — with our entire organization’s focus and compensation based on “Net Promoter Score” — the scores clients provide in rating the service they receive. By aligning the interests of our Brand Ambassadors and clients, we can assure a laser-like focus on providing the highest possible level of client satisfaction — and the best possibly matchmaking experience. At TheClub Global we are always willing to go that extra mile to deliver satisfaction — guaranteed!

Upon receiving your application we’ll contact you to schedule a private, in-person consultation to better understand relationship goals and “Must-Have” qualities in a potential mate. We will then screen this against a wide range of potential matches, presenting to you for consideration only those with a clear fit with your wants and needs.

An introduction for an initial date is then set up — and our team will work with you along every step of the way — to help facilitate the best possible process for selecting “the one.” At TheClub Global, we understand the deeper meaning and value of finding and having a truly thriving, long-lasting relationship.

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